What COSI means to one Grandfather

November 23, 2009

Post by Katherine Fairman

The other day I was at a school getting ready to begin the morning assembly when a volunteer approached me. He was the grandfather of two students. He said he had a story for me.

He told me that a few years ago his daughter went on a field trip with his granddaughter’s class. As a result, she needed someone to watch her youngest son. The gentleman agreed to take him for the day. He asked if she minded what they did on their day together. She said she did not, and his response was “Well I’m taking him to COSI!”

He then told me how he and his grandson “opened and closed the place”. Together they explored our exhibits, had lunch in the Atomic Café, and walked through the traveling Titanic exhibit. (Which will be back here in March 2010!) They both had a terrific day. On the drive home, the gentleman noticed his grandson lying down in the back seat with his eyes closed. He asked, “Are you sleeping back there?” The boy said “No, I’m just remembering all the fun stuff we did together today.” The gentleman told me this response brought a tear to his eye.

It makes me so happy the ways in which COSI brings families and friends closer together. I hope that one day I will have a similar experience with my grandchildren.


One comment

  1. I love hearing stories like this.
    I’ve seen my own nephew grow in his experiences at COSI and then collapse in the car afterwards when he was little. Now he discusses what he did! It’s pretty cool.

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