A Missed Opportunity

November 25, 2009

Post by Breanne Heitkamp

I just wrapped up another successful assembly and the students were exiting the gym.  At this time, there are always a few students that break away from their classes and come over to ask questions or make comments about the program.  On this particular day, a determined kindergartner came up to me with a stern look in her eyes, and she stated “I’m going to the beach this weekend.”

I was a little perplexed at this moment, for we just completed an assembly about the human body and nutrition that ends with me blowing up a giant engine.  But from my experience, I know that students will share the most random facts of their lives, so I didn’t take offense. Instead I simply respond with a little enthusiastic, “Well, that’s nice.”

She then proceed with an order, “You and that (she points to the giant engine) are coming with me.”

At this point, I was simply confused. For I have had students tell me some of the craziest thing, but I have never had a student command me to the beach before. As a result, I said the first thing that popped in my head in an attempt for clarification, “Excuse me.”

From these 2 words and probably the stun expression on my face the kindergartner realized, she has made an error in judgment, and in an instant I saw her change her plan of attack.  All of the sudden, her stern determined look was replace with a smile and giggle. And in the softest sweetest tone and with as much politeness that she could mustard, she said “I apologize … will you and that (pointing to the giant engine) please accompany me to the beach this weekend?”

With a laugh in my heart, I politely decline.  Later I regretted this decision for who doesn’t deserve a weekend at the beach.



One comment

  1. If anyone does, it is you Breanne. I love this story!

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