COSI is my best friend

December 4, 2009

Post by Christine Barnett

There’s one at every school. You know, the kid that knows everything, and must tell you all that they know. As an outreach educator, I love that kid!

Those kids are the ones that raise their hand for every question asked in the assembly, they are always willing to be a volunteer for any experiment, and they ask great questions. During the hands on sessions they keep the parents running the activities on their toes, and really get involved in what is happening at each station. These students start conversations that tweak and improve the way that we are teaching all of the students. They may be considered the “know it all” by their classmates, but I consider them as gems. Their enthusiasm for learning keeps me going and reminds me, if I can instill just a little bit of that same enthusiasm in their classmates, my job is worth it.

One student, at a school I visited recently, really sticks out in my mind. We just happened to be visiting the school on his birthday, and he was extremely excited. His excited face and rapidly waving hand got him picked for an experiment during the assembly, and he did an excellent job. When his class came back for the hands on session he came up and asked me if I remembered him. Now normally I smile, nod and say “Yes, you did this experiment.” With so many students and so many schools it is very hard to keep track of names. This time though I remembered his name, and I think it made his day. For the rest of the session every time he did a different experiment he came back and told me what he learned and some extra things he knew about the topic. At one point his teacher told him to “Stop bothering the COSI lady” but I didn’t mind at all, his excitement was contagious and it made my day.

When all of the experiments were packed back into the truck and I was about to leave for my next school, he spotted me one more time and shouted in my direction “COSI is my best friend!” I waved and drove away with a huge smile on my face.


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