Kids Say the Darndest Things

December 9, 2009

Post by Jonathan Barnes

As an Outreach Educator, my favorite part of the day is usually doing the morning assembly for the school. I love greeting the students as they walk in, getting them excited for the science to come. I often times venture out into the hallway to usher them in. One of my favorite things to say to students as they march down the toward their school’s gym is, “Move fast and quiet; just like a ninja!” Yesterday was no different.
I had just ushered in the first graders at a lovely elementary school near Powell, Ohio when one of those all-too-cute first grade girls looked up at me and, with all of the excitement she could muster, said, “I’ve been to COSI!”

I get this comment quite often and have become fond of saying, “I’ve been to COSI, too!” This tongue-in-cheek joke usually gets one of those adorably indignant and funny responses like, “But you work there!” Yesterday, however, this young lady caught me a bit off guard.

After I gave her my standard line of, “I’ve been to COSI, too!” she looked back up and said, “We got stuck in the elevator there!” I pride myself on my skills as an improvisational comedian, and this tiny dropping of adorable managed to get the improv juices working. Without missing a beat, I squatted down to her level and asked her in a serious tone, “Did we use the teleporter to beam you out?” She looked back at me and said, “Yep!”

Now COSI is THE Center of Science and Industry, and we do have some amazing gadgets that do incredible things, but, unfortunately, Scotty from Star Trek isn’t one of our exhibit engineers. Nevertheless, this girl made me laugh and provided a great start for my week.


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