Pulled over for looking like a 10year old boy!

December 15, 2009

Post by Kat Fairman

A recent experience had me wondering, “How far will kids go to bring the fun and excitement of COSI to their hometown?” I ran into a state trooper who suspected it could go much further than asking nicely.

I was driving on a two-lane road through Carroll County in Appalachia Ohio. It was a cold day, and I was bundled up in a hat and an old puffy black coat. Suddenly, I passed a state trooper traveling the opposite direction. It wasn’t long before I looked out my mirrors, and saw what appeared to be the same state trooper following right behind me. I considered the fact he may have made a special turn-around to follow me, but I hoped he hadn’t. I drove for several miles down the road, and then I started to worry. Why was he following me? Was I breaking any laws? I wasn’t speeding. Maybe there was a weight limit? How expensive is the fine for that? I grew more and more anxious when suddenly, the police lights went on. I pulled to the side of road, took a deep breath, and began to fish my driver’s license out of my backpack. I rolled down the window as he approached the truck to listen to why I had been pulled over.

He explained, “I pulled you over for a couple reasons. First of all, when I passed you earlier I could have sworn you were a ten-year-old boy driving this thing.” I responded with the first thing that popped in my head. “Oh!… no”

He told me he just wanted to run my driver’s license real quick and I would be on my way.
I couldn’t believe it. That was it?! I was able to ignore the shot to my ego for being told I look like a ten-year-old boy. What a relief!

When he returned he apologized for calling me ten-year-old boy and explained that he just wanted to make sure the truck wasn’t stolen. I told him I understood, and then I was on my way in no time all, just as he had promised. It’s a good thing there are no laws against looking like ten-year-old who had just committed grand theft auto.

Here is picture of me behind the wheel on that day. I suppose the hat and coat are rather “boyish”.


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