Let’s dance!

March 16, 2010

Every one of our COSI On Wheels programs seemingly has that ONE experience that every student/parent/teacher/administrator seems to remember.

Our “Investigating Energy” program has a Segway scooter. Our “It’s Simply Chemistry” program has slime. Our “Current Conditions” program has the Marx Generator that makes lightning. The calling card for our newest program, “The Incredible Human Machine”, seems to be our “Let’s Dance” hands-on station.

In “Let’s Dance” we give students an opportunity to participate in a “Dance, Dance Revolution” style videogame that we developed here. By playing this game, we reinforce the overarching theme of choice; empowering students with information so that they can make good decisions for their overall health and well-being. “Let’s Dance” shows students that there are ways to enjoy videogames while also staying active.

Needless to say, this is a VERY popular station with all of the students, most of our parent volunteers, and some of the (more adventurous) teachers. Last week, while I was in Medway, Ohio, a pair of our parent volunteers had their little helpers (i.e. their preschoolers) with them. As a reward for being such good helpers, they were allowed to try out “Let’s Dance” in between each of the elementary sessions.


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