All is Golden in the Sky

March 23, 2010

Post by Kyle Jepson

Kyle JepsonIt’s no secret to anyone who knows me; I’m not a morning person.

The rare days I am happy and alert at 7am friends are usually the first to inquire if I’m well. So hearing my alarm go off at 6am is one of the more unpleasant sounds up there with nails on a chalk board.

This morning I decided to get my breakfast and coffee at a nearby Panera in Mason. On my way back out to my truck, a much more cognizant woman stops and asks me, “Where do you get to go have fun today?” It’s hard to act cheerful when you’re staring out of one bloodshot eye and haven’t even had a sip of delectable caffeine yet, but somehow I pull it off. “Oakley,” said I, “Saint Cecelia Elementary.” She nods, I smile, we both continued on our way.

In this line of work you experience new people everyday. At each school the educators have coordinators that are in charge of wrangling up volunteers, planning the schedule, and helping set up the night before. They are the go-to person for almost anything and everything an educator may need. Without them we would be lost. Now in the insignificant amount of time I’ve been at this, I’ve had horrible coordinators, okay coordinators, and out-right fantastic coordinators.

Ken Jackson, my coordinator for Saint Cecelia was the latter of the three. He’s been at this for six years. This being his last as his youngest is moving on to upper grades levels. Throughout today I had parents tell me they only volunteer for things if Ken is involved. After the show he came and told me funny stories about every one of my student helpers during my show. During lunch he asked me about how I came to be in Ohio (I’m not a native), which any educator can tell you is very refreshing after giving your 15 second life story for the billionth time that day.

Another parent asked me what I studied in school; I answered “theatre.” He empathized with me as he was a design student himself and we talked about how lucky I was to find work doing something I truly enjoyed. “You do enjoy your work, don’t you?” he asks. “I absolutely love it.” That’s not a lie.

After school ends we pack up the truck, I thank everybody involved and head off to the next school. On the way to Spaulding Elementary, I set my iPod for shuffle and When the Day Met the Night begins to play. I think about that woman asking me that question earlier this morning. The weather around here is starting to get warmer and I hear, “In the middle of summer all was golden in the sky,” playing over the speakers. I smile as a cool breeze hits my face and surprisingly find myself saying out loud, “I could be doing worse things today.”

I have a feeling tomorrow’s gonna be even better.



  1. I’m so glad you had a great time there. I adore Ken! I set up there one winter and had the day canceled because of weather. By the time I arrived from the hotel, they had everything packed up! When I returned in the spring, they were simply amazing. I was so sad that I only got to go there once.

  2. This may have been one of my best weeks ever. Each of my schools were amazing in so many different ways.

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