COSI On Wheels Explodes!

July 7, 2010

Post by Kevin Seymour

On July 2, 2010 COSI On Wheels took over the Northbank Park area in Columbus, Ohio, with its AMAZING Science Spots.  Featured in the Children’s Park area for this year’s Red, White & Boom, COSI displayed Science Spot eight kiosks and performed the “So Cold, Its Hot” show on the Children’s Stage.  Kyle Jepson, Kim Spillman, and I (Kevin Seymour) had an amazing time entertaining the hundreds of individuals and families that passed through the area. 

COSI Science Spots at the 2010 Red, White, & Boom

COSI Science Spots at the 2010 Red, White, & Boom

With Science Spot kiosks that had a puzzle, structures, or magnetic theme to them, we educated the public on many of the basic science concepts within those topics.  We also provided material on our current traveling exhibition Titanic: The Artfiact Exhibition.  We gave out hundreds of COSI mascot tattoos, information on COSI’s science education partner, The Zula Patrol children’s TV show, and COSI general materials. 

On the Children’s Stage, the “So Cold, It’s Hot” demo wowed the crowds with its fascination with liquid nitrogen experiments.   After talking about the basic states of matter, we gave them a demonstration of just how cold liquid nitrogen can be by freezing a rubber glove with water in it and then breaking off a finger–wow, that’s cold! 

KABOOM! COSI liquid nitrogen explosion at the 2010 Red, White, & Boom

KABOOM! COSI liquid nitrogen explosion at the 2010 Red, White, & Boom

Then we showed how the liquid rapidly changes into a gas by putting some liquid nitrogen in a 20-ounce bottle, sealing it, then watching it explode into a billion pieces.  It does this because the liquid turns into a gas. As the gas expands, the bottle gives under the pressure, causing an explosion. 

 To experience science in real life, come visit us at 333 West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43215 or at www.cosi.org

Our next stop for the Science Spot is the 2010 Jazz & Ribs Fest.  You will see a similar display from July 23-25, 2010 in Northbank Park from 11am-5pm all three days.  Stop by and see us!


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