“Water Makes Me Hyper!”

July 8, 2010

Jonathan BarnesPost by Jonathan Barnes

Unlike students, COSI On Wheels does not get the summer off. During this sweltering period of school hiatus we Outreach Educators are still bringing science and fun to children and adults all over the Midwest. Yesterday was no exception as Chris and I found ourselves at the YMCA Camp in Fort Thomas, KY with our Incredible Human Machine program.

After “bringing it” with the 45 minute presentation, the campers split into three groups and received an hour of time with all of our amazing hands-on stations. During the first session, we were treated to the youngest campers, five and six year olds as well as their older, middle school buddies.

Amongst the tiny, little droppings of adorable, there was one little girl who stood out above the rest. She was not the tallest, nor the fastest, nor the loudest… instead, she was the “hoppiest” (meaning that she would not stop bouncing up and down).

As Chris and I approached her, we learned that her name was “Jersey”, to which I asked, “Are you ‘New’, Jersey?” Being that she was five, she probably didn’t get my attempt at geographical humor. This oversight, however, did nothing to interrupt her incessant hopping. Chris and I couldn’t help but notice, so I asked Jersey, “How much coffee have you had this morning?” (still hopping) “None!” “OK, how much soda?” (hopping higher) “None!” “Then where do you get this energy, Jersey?”

Now Chris and I have been around the block a few times and have heard virtually every answer under the sun, but Jersey amazed us by saying: “Water makes me hyper!” She then started bouncing MORE before saying, “I need more water, now!” I’ll grant you, that I didn’t have a radar gun with me, but I’d guess she topped out at 17 miles per hour on her way to the water fountain and about 20mph on the way back. …maybe it’s something in the water in Kentucky.


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