Our Day at “Ready, Set, Grow!” in New Albany, OH on July 7.

July 8, 2010

Post by Nicholas Steinbrecher

To a childcare center I went
With my Space show in tow,
Young minds to teach,
With science I sow.

But no tables were seen,
And so searched did we,
Until 10 mini tables we had,
Of all shapes that could be.

But the delight of the day,
Was the Madgeburg Hemisphere.
Like horses the kids pulled,
Egged on by the crowd cheer.

But air pressure won the challenge,
All 14.7 pounds per square inch.
To separate the sphere,
Add air and it’s a cinch.

And so air pressure was learned,
and its effects were shown.
The importance of space suits,
Are now well known.


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