Mmm…Bacon (it brings people together)

September 7, 2010

Jonathan BarnesPost by Jonathan Barnes

This past week, I was one of the team members who brought COSI On Wheels’ Science Spot to the Montgomery County Fair in Dayton. During this particular event, we brought ten of our kiosks and one very special activity: Daisy, our “milkable” fiberglass cow.

On Friday, I was helping a group of students milk Daisy when I struck up a conversation… nee’ argument with the most adorable little girl who was probably close to eight.

We were discussing livestock and she brought up the subject of pigs.

“I think pigs are cute,” she said.

“I used to raise pigs, and I think they can get big and smelly,” I replied.

“But they’re cute!”

“Big and smelly!”


“Big and smelly!”

And we went on for a few seconds before I attempted to end our cute disagreement by saying, “At least we can agree that they’re tasty; especially bacon.”

To which she replied: “I’m Jewish and shouldn’t eat them…but we do sometimes.”

This once again proves my theory that bacon is the most powerful force on earth.


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