Inspirational School

September 20, 2010

Students Teachers and Parents have all teamed up to committ to a healthier lifestyle by walking laps around their school during recess at Auburn Elementary School in Shelby Ohio.  After seeing their excitement for the project I decided to walk with a teacher and some students for 10 laps (2 miles).

Their teachers and parents are so committed to this project the students are on fire.  They are so excited to walk with their parents and teachers that cant wait to do it each day. Each person gets a card with 25 punch spots on it.  Each lap is one punch on the card.  After completing a card (5 miles) they get a braclet with a number 5 on it.  Indicating 5 miles walked.  Each card thereafter they get a foot to put on their bracelet.

They have a 88% participation rate at the school and in the first day of doing this project they walked a total of 163 miles.  This school is on fire about fitness and it shows in the students, teachers and parents.

The students were so excited to see me walking with their teacher that I ended up spending 20 minutes signing autographs for the students.  It made me so excited to be a small part of their school experience on this Friday!


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