Thank You

November 2, 2010

Post by Jonathan Barnes

Every now and then we Outreach Educators get little notes from students or teachers. These notes can range anywhere from a simple “Thank You” to a huge letter saying exactly what they liked, why they liked it, what they want to be when they grow up, and exactly what their cat does when they scratch its back the right way.

A few weeks ago, I received a very special note while doing the It’s Simply Chemistry program in Poca, West Virginia (Home of the BEST mascot ever: the Poca Dots… not kidding.). One of the hands-on activities in the program is to write secret messages using the base indicator, phenolphthalein. After writing their secret message and allowing the phenolphthalein to evaporate, the student dips a cotton ball in a sodium carbonate solution and reveals their secret message in bold pink.

During one of the final sessions an adorable second grader walked up to me and presented the following note:


Nothing says love like the word “love” spelled out with science!


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