COSI On Wheels Invades Conger Elementary School

November 4, 2010

Post by Kevin Seymour
Director of COSI On Wheels Outreach Programs

November 3, 2010:  Outreach Educator Chris Husmann brought his 14’ box truck containing The Incredible Human Machine, a program from COSI On Wheels to Conger Elementary School in Delaware Ohio.   As he proceeded to do his set-up at the school everything seemed to be going fine.  Until…his DVM (digital video machine) decided not to work. 

Digital Video Machine (DVM)

Digital Video Machine (DVM)

Not only did it not work….IT DID NOTHING.  That’s when, instead of panicking or freaking out, he decided to take it upon himself to fix the problem on his own.

Chris took out his laptop and proceeded to create a power point slide show that looked, oddly, exactly like what was supposed to be on the DVM in the first place.  Complete with the visual effects that made it look like nothing was up. 

Fast forward 14 hours…

November 4, 2010:  Chris arrived at Conger ES just slightly earlier than I so that he could make sure everything was working properly.  As a treat, I brought him a delicious cup of Starbucks and a small treat bag with Halloween candy in it.  He proceeded to conduct his orientation with his 11 volunteers leading up to his full school assembly program.  Just before his assembly, a surprise guest appeared…..his grandmother….TOO CUTE!  Not only is his boss in the audience, his grandmother was there too! 

Chris Husmann

Chris Husmann

With fingers crossed, Chris began his assembly, with the newly created power point program. And as he continued through the program, switching between two different computers, it all went off without a hitch.  His student and teacher volunteers were fabulous and the students had a blast learning about the human body. 

This is a great example of how our educators go WAY above and beyond what they are required to do at a school to make the program the best it can be.  He took the time to create the power point program, re-connect the sound system to his computer just to make the program look as though nothing went wrong.  THANKS Chris for your hard work and dedication to COSI while out on the road!


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