Becca launches Hoffman Trails Elementary into space!

November 12, 2010

Post by Kevin Seymour 

November 10, 2010:  Becca Kelly, COSI On Wheels Outreach Educator, rolls into Hilliard, Ohio, to educate Hoffman Trails Elementary School about Space.  Today, she has a mix of different volunteers to facilitate the hands-on activities to the students.  There are parents of the students as well as students from Hilliard Darby High School

Becca certainly knows how to get a school excited to be attending a COSI On Wheels program by jamming out to the Space Jam CD and dancing.  She greets the students as they enter the gym with a warm smile and killer dance moves.

I truly have the best job in the world.  I get to be apart of a program that entertains and educates students all over Ohio and surrounding states.  I also get to observe 12 of the most amazing educators do what they do best…excite students about science! 

As Becca continues throughout her performance, she requires the help of many different student and teacher volunteers to help with on stage demos.  As a reward, each of them receives a unique COSI Silly Band.  Something that I never knew would be such a hit in a school.  Talk about being the cool kid on the block; now you can be even cooler with the COSI Silly Band.

Custom-made COSI Silly Band. So cool!

As Becca wrapped up the performance, she educated the students on how the space shuttle returns to Earth.  The shuttle has over 2,000 shuttle tiles that surround the entire shuttle to protect it from the extreme temperatures experienced during re-entry.  She uses a blow-torch on the tile as she holds it so that the students can see just how tough these tiles are. 

Becca heats a shuttle tile with a blowtorch to demonstrate how these tiles protect a shuttle during re-entry.

She then proceeds to light some flash paper on fire using the tile to show that the surface of the tile is over 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  Another successful program by COSI On Wheels.


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