Yes, Miss Pauline, I still occasionally dress up like Batman

November 17, 2010

Post by Chris Hussman

I went to Columbus Early Learning Center – Eastside today, or as it used to be known, Eastside Childcare.  I still call it Eastside Childcare because five years ago I was a student teacher there.  During my time working at the school I had many fun and interesting experiences, but I never expected what would happen when I returned…

I set up everything for our “Animal Tales” preschool outreach program, which teaches students all about habitats and the animals that live in them. When my first class arrived, it was led by none other than Miss Pauline, a teacher from the room I worked in for less than three months over five years ago.  She immediately screamed, started crying, and ran over to hug me.  I didn’t even expect her to remember my name, let alone start asking about my girlfriend (who I am now married to), my apartment (which I no longer live in), my Dad’s surgery (which, again, was five years ago), do I still dress up like Batman for kids (no comment), and how things have been in general.  It was a little overwhelming to say the least, and a powerful reminder of something.

Chris and Miss Pauline

As Outreach Educators, we have the ability to see and interact with literally thousands of different people every week.  It’s easy to let those experiences blur together, or to forget them outright due to the sheer volume of students, teachers, and parents we meet day to day.  We drive to your school and move on to the next school, usually later the same day, and because of the nature of our job it is easy to assume that because we weren’t there very long that our presence was largely insignificant.  I was reminded today that we do, in fact, make an impact at every single school we go to, regardless of how long we were there, how many people we meet there, or how much time will pass until our return.

And yes, Miss Pauline, I still occasionally dress up like Batman.  For kids, of course.


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