“Dissection? ‘Tis merely a flesh wound.”

November 24, 2010

Post by Nicholas Steinbrecher

At the start of the day, with much dismay, an object pierced my palm.
A metal splinter, of a centimeter, was deep in my skin.
With the school filing in, I had to begin, and I presented my show.
Afterward to the nurse’s I went, to see if we couldn’t, get this splinter out.
Even with tweezers and a pin, we failed to get in, and remove the object.
“A dissection kit, would do the trick,” exclaimed my coordinator.
“It’s not that bad,” for the vision I had, involved the use of a scalpel.
“The tweezers are thinner, and won’t be a hinder,” and it had an angle probe.
It was a cinch, with a slight pinch, with the new these tools.
Thanks to my school, for being so cool, with my awkward dilemma.


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