Volunteer Orientation by Flashlight

January 3, 2011

Post by Perrin Shepherd & Christine Barnett

We arrived at our school in the morning to find that the power was out, but school wasn’t canceled, so neither was COSI. This made for an interesting start to our day. The school’s backup lights were on in parts of the building, but the gym was totally dark. While the school’s custodian was tending to other issues, we started our volunteer orientation in the dark with only one flashlight.

By the time orientation was over, the custodian had the gym curtains open and several generators ready to go. With the gym lit up by the sun and the stage equipment hooked up to the generators, we were ready to get started. Even with no power to the lights, the show was great! Luckily the electricity came back on just in time for Christine to finish her show with the lightning machine. This was perfect since we couldn’t have done this demonstration with the school’s generator alone. A special thanks to all the volunteers at St. Gabriel School – the students had an excellent COSI experience!


One comment

  1. That would happen to the former volunteer who put out a fire in the old building.

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