Why yes – I do see INTESTINES!

March 23, 2011

Post by Chris Husmann

A major facet of being an Outreach Educator is the whole school assembly where we do experiments, provide information, and call on volunteers regularly to assist us in various ways. Although the content of our assemblies is generally the same from school to school, being at a different school each day provides each assembly with its own… memorable irregularities.

Today I called up a volunteer to help me with my incredible fake X-Ray machine, which allows me to push a big red button and take large fake pictures of body systems to show to all the students. She was the grandmother of one of the students who, coincidentally, I called up earlier to volunteer to be my “brain” (where I give him more and more tasks to do that represent the various jobs the brain has to do all at once). I take the first picture out of the machine, which is the digestive system, and proceed to ask a students what they see. After a few responses like “stomach” and “liver” I get to my favorite and probably most enthusiastic response ever: “TESTICLES!”

I nearly fell to the floor in laughter, but instead, in an attempt to avoid embarrassing him or the grandmother on stage, I quickly replied “why yes! I do see INTESTINES!” and proceeded to talk a bit about intestines. It just goes to show no matter how many schools you go to, no matter how many times you do the same assembly, each school gives you its own… memorable irregularities.


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