Truly a Sight to Behold

April 6, 2011

Post by Chris Husmann

Taken outside the Holiday Inn Express in Charleston, West Virginia minutes before an enormous storm that shut down power to over half the city, including my hotel and most of the schools in the area. An online article describes that “a storm with winds of more than 60 mph ripped through the region and left toppled trees and downed power lines in its wake.” It was truly a sight to behold.

I was coming back from setting up at Holz Elementary when the radio came on with an weather alert about “destructive force winds” and “seek shelter immediately.” The sky darkened almost instantaneously, and within minutes quarter-sized hail began pelting everything in sight. “The people at the weather stations were impressed with how quickly the storms moved through the region.”

Once I got to my room I tried to check the weather but the internet and cable were already out. It felt like the entire building could fall apart at any moment; the floors creaked, the windows wavered like gelatin as they were pummeled by wind, and the lights were flickering on and off as the building struggled to maintain power. It was at this moment I realized all of this was actually MY fault, and could have been avoided had I remembered one important thing:

Don’t mess with the Wienermobile.


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