Four-Wheelin’ COW Truck? Not Quite.

April 18, 2011

Post by Perrin Shepherd

I was on the road in the Prospect, Kentucky, a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, ready to unload my show, Current Conditions, at Goshen Elementary. I needed to pull my truck onto the playground in order to unload all of my stuff. The driveway onto the playground was very narrow and my truck could barely fit through the entrance way. I kept thinking in my mind “Please don’t hit these poles….please don’t hit these poles.” I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the volunteers that were there to help me unload and setup. Plus, I didn’t want to explain to my supervisor how I ran over the fence.

One stuck truck.

I managed to pull in my truck and back it up to the door with no trouble. It took about 45 minutes to unload all the stuff off the truck and setup in the gym. When I jumped in my truck, I realized that someone had parked a school bus blocking the entrance way that I needed to use. As I pulled up closer to the bus, I noticed a gap between the bus and the fence. It would require me to do a little off road maneuvering, but no problem – I felt I could make it through the small gap.

It had been raining off and on that day so the ground was a bit muddy. As you might have guessed by now it wasn’t too long before my truck was trapped in the mud pit. I tried to move my truck back and forward with no success. I guess that rocking and rolling isn’t going to help this time. I continued to spin my wheels deeper and deeper. Even with the janitorial staff helping, the COSI On Wheels truck stayed stuck in the mud. It looked like I would have to spend the night in the truck. And that wasn’t going to work for me – I wanted to get to my hotel room. Finally, I had to call a tow truck company to free the truck from the mud pit. Three hours later, the truck was out of the pit and I was free to go to my hotel room. I was absolutely ready for a quick shower and go to bed.

The next morning the magic was back and I had a wonderful COSI On Wheels show; even though it had been a really rough time setting up at the school.

Until next time,



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