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Katie & Erica: Five Days On the Road

April 27, 2013

Post by Katie Trausch

It has been an eventful week for the COSI On Wheels Astounding Astronomy program!

I have been traveling around central Ohio with our newest Outreach Educator, Erica Prange. You learn a lot about a person when you spend pretty much every moment together for 5 straight days……and I learned that she is totally rad.

Erica training a group of attentive volunteers all about spectroscopy :)

Erica training a group of attentive volunteers all about spectroscopy 🙂

Not only was Erica rocking it, but so were our schools. We owe a big thank you to St. Bernadette’s in Lancaster, Garfield Elementary in Heath, St. Timothy’s in Upper Arlington and French Run in Reynoldsburg for showing her what an awesome and well-planned week looks like!

I have to say though, my favorite part of this week was our incredible volunteers. We were lucky to have dozens of enthusiastic and helpful parents, grandparents, siblings and high school students with us…..and how appropriate, since it was National Volunteers Week!! Without them, we couldn’t provide such a fun and educational experience for our students, and I’m thankful for them today and every day.

Attached is a photo of Erica training a group of attentive volunteers all about spectroscopy 🙂


An important part of this complete COSI On Wheels show…

July 27, 2011

Pat and Joe from the COSI On Wheels team unpack a critical accesory for our newest science education outreach program, “Astounding Astronomy,” set to debut in September 2011.


Lasers Versus Balloons? It’s Really No Contest

September 28, 2010

Much like John Glenn’s third orbit in 1962, our COSI On Wheels Launch Into Space program is taking a victory lap during the 2010-2011 school year. Next year we will begin offering its replacement, which focuses more on astronomy and the planets of the Solar System. This year, our COSI Design team is testing out and prototyping a slew of new activities, demonstrations, and top-secret awesomeness to send to schools. One of these new demonstrations involves this amazing laser. Check it out before it comes to your school!