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Future Farmers of America Lend a Helping Hand

January 25, 2013

Future Farmers of America Lend a Helping Hand

Photo by Caitlin Yahr. I have the Future Farmers of America from East Clinton High School helping today with COSI On Wheels’ “Investigating Energy” show!


Sweet Ts!

November 1, 2012

Post by Beth Tuttle

These kiddos have amazing Investigating Energy shirts that are their school shirts for the whole year! Each grade had their own color too. I felt so welcomed at this school and the kids were so excited to show me their shirts and were very enthusiastic about their COSI visit.

Sweet Ts!

Sweet Ts!


Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

October 14, 2010

Post by Jordan Rader

I was having a great week of travel with COSI’s Investigating Energy program last week. Both schools, Normandy Elementary School in Centerville, OH and Elida Middle School in Elida, OH, were great; great students, great staff, great volunteers. As I was packing up the truck early Friday afternoon, looking forward to my weekend (hopefully including an Ohio State victory), I was thinking how smoothly everything had gone this week. But sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.

On my way back to Columbus from Elida, the orange CHECK ENGINE light lit up on the dashboard. Before I could get to the next exit, the red CHECK ENGINE light came on. I could feel the truck slow down and the power steering cut out. I managed to get the truck over to the side of the road just before it stopped, and with it, cancelled the early start to my weekend. Luckily for me, COSI has a team of people always ready to help with any problem. They didn’t get the problem fixed on the spot, but as soon as they could a truck was there to tow me back to COSI.

Those of you who have seen the Energy show know it’s the biggest program we have. I think the tow truck now knows that too. The truck is still in the shop and I’m not sure what the problem was. But the show must go on. The Investigating Energy program was scheduled to be at a school the following Monday, and thanks to the great COSI Team it was ready to go in a replacement truck in no time, ready to bring exciting hands-on science to students around the Midwest.

COSI On Wheels Truck Under Tow

Nope; things don't always go according to plan!


Even when we’re not driving trucks, we’re still on wheels…

September 29, 2010
Mix a closed-to-the-public-COSI, a spare Segway from COSI On Wheels, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and a video camera, and this is what you get. Seen here are COSI On Wheels Outreach Educators Derek Bringardner, Katya Karaivanova, Kyle Jepson, Jordan Rader, and Chris Husmann.



The Domino Effect

September 1, 2010

Post by Jordan Rader

As the summer season winds down, the COSI On Wheels Team is putting some finishing touches on new activities that will be hitting the road this fall.  COSI’s Investigating Energy program has a new hands-on activity called “The Domino Effect.” 

In the activity students will be challenged to transfer energy from one point to another.   The students will have to figure out that by setting up blocks in a domino rally fashion they can accomplish their goal. 

Before we send out a new activity we test it in the building to make sure everything works as planned. After testing the activity, we decided to have a little fun.  A “Script COSI Domino Rally” was the result.  Here is a video:

Be sure to look for this activity when it comes to your school this year.  I’m sure we’ll see a lot of interesting designs from our students.