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Science & Sunshine: A Nice Balance

September 27, 2012
Post by Joe Spurlock

Science Spots at the Gift For Life event at Mount Hermon Baptist Church. In spite of being held up by some curious bees, a great group of young people spent a couple of hours enjoying a nice balance of science and the lovely weather.






Street Science

August 24, 2012

Post by Chris Husmann

Just some COWs doing street science at the Portage County Fair…


A Royal Audience, Ohio Style

August 6, 2012
Post by Joe Butler

With everyone occupied by the Olympics, it’s easy to forget that the British aren’t the only folks with royalty. While I was down in Gallipolis, Ohio, visiting HOPE Intervention with our Incredible Human Machine program, some local royalty came out to help with the day.

Abby Hammond (left) and Michaela Hall (right) are two of the Gallia County Fair Princesses competing to become the Gallia County Fair Queen. These two royal ladies came out and helped run a few of our activities for the group of Autistic students and their families that came to the HOPE Family Fun Day. The princesses even rolled up their sashes and helped set-up, tear down and even helped load the truck at the end of the day. You won’t ever see the Queen Mum or Kate Middleton loading up a truck. This week Abby will be showing her goats at the fair while Michaela will be showcasing her seamstress skills.

Thanks again to these American Princesses, Julie Short and all the other volunteers at HOPE Intervention for a great time!


COSI’s “Science Spot” at New Albany, Ohio’s YWCA

July 23, 2012
COSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCA

COSI’s “Science Spot” at New Albany, Ohio’s YMCA, a set on Flickr.

Post by Kyle Jepson

COSI’s “Science Spot” traveling science exhibition recently visited the YWCA in New Albany, Ohio. These young campers became very creative with our “Construction Plans” Science Spot!


Road Photos

October 25, 2011

Post by Chris Husmann

Some random photos from recent road adventures (and mis-adventures)…


Mmm…Bacon (it brings people together)

September 7, 2010

Jonathan BarnesPost by Jonathan Barnes

This past week, I was one of the team members who brought COSI On Wheels’ Science Spot to the Montgomery County Fair in Dayton. During this particular event, we brought ten of our kiosks and one very special activity: Daisy, our “milkable” fiberglass cow.

On Friday, I was helping a group of students milk Daisy when I struck up a conversation… nee’ argument with the most adorable little girl who was probably close to eight.

We were discussing livestock and she brought up the subject of pigs.

“I think pigs are cute,” she said.

“I used to raise pigs, and I think they can get big and smelly,” I replied.

“But they’re cute!”

“Big and smelly!”


“Big and smelly!”

And we went on for a few seconds before I attempted to end our cute disagreement by saying, “At least we can agree that they’re tasty; especially bacon.”

To which she replied: “I’m Jewish and shouldn’t eat them…but we do sometimes.”

This once again proves my theory that bacon is the most powerful force on earth.


Bathtime for COSI’s Science Spots

August 30, 2010

Video by Derek Bringardner

How do you wash an entire truckload of COSI Science Spots at once? COSI’s Science Spots are traveling hands-on science exhibits from COSI in Columbus, Ohio. Each Science Spot travels in a large colorful bin. After a long summer on the road, they tend to get a bit dirty, which is where a car wash (and a nice August day) comes in handy!