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Three Years

August 16, 2012

Three years.

Three years I’ve been a part of COSI On Wheels.

Each year, as Joe Butler pointed out, I’ve taught more kids in a week then some teachers will see in their entire lifetime. Now it is time to move on. I will miss so much about COSI…the second family I’ve gained for one. The stories for another, we always have the best stories. So before I sign off this blog, I’ll sling one more for ya.

My Last Week As a COW
Post by Kyle Jepson

Monday goes like any other. We have our meetings, we assign events. I don’t chime in since I’ll be gone by Friday. By the end of the week I’ve got the following to do: Turn in my last expense report, go to the Ross County Fair, finish the Chemistry hands-on binders I’ve been working on, and turn in the following: my keys, parking pass, credit card, COSI shirts, and badge. The team heads to lunch and I choose to get breakfast at Grand Day Café.

We spend most of the lunch riffing on the idea of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises being played by Jar-Jar Binks (“Mesa Gotham’s reckoning!”). Once we return, I finish up binders and injure myself (more on that later). The rest of Monday is pretty uneventful save the fact that Kurt (our fearless director) and I are wearing the same pants.

I always knew he had great style.

I finish out the day by turning in my final expense report and credit card.

Then the COWs and I head to Woodlands for a goodbye happy hour.

(If you don’t get the above joke, we can never be friends.)

Tuesday! I begin to clean out my desk. Over the past three years I have accumulated a lot of junk. Fun junk, but junk nonetheless. I try to harden my heart as I throw out random Reddit pictures we’ve printed out, completed To Do lists, and sort through the random tea, oatmeal, and cup o’ noodles I’ve stashed in my emergency lunch fund. I find that I still somehow have a lot of junk but sentiment keeps me from tossing it.

Tuesday comes and goes. That night I go and see Anamanaguchi with my roommate and we watch the Olympics while we wait for the band to go on.

Wednesday and Thursday I am attending my last event ever with Ms. Rebecca Kelly, the Ross County Fair. On the way down Becca takes a picture of most likely the last time I’ll drive a truck.

(No worries. We were at a red light.)

We sing Foxy Shazam loud and out of key but we don’t care. Our time together is precious. The Ross County Fair goes smoothly as always.

After the fair my mom comes to pick us up in her soccer van. Then we get watch ‘Written By a Kid’ on YouTube and go to Jerry’s Pizza for dinner. I couldn’t do my last event ever and not eat pizza and it doesn’t hurt that this pizza rocks.

The second day of the fair is the same. Time flies by.

We’re done. We pack up. We leave. We are sweaty.

That night I sit in my room and play The Office in the background as I write goodbye notes to my friends and co-workers. I get a little weepy. I try to write these notes directly from the heart and desperately attempt to avoid cliché. I probably fail.


I arrive at my normal time, sans coffee. Coffee will be provided at my going-away breakfast. As I sit and try to ignore the bagels till 9am I clean out the remainder of my desk. The breakfast is enjoyable. I force everyone to sign a poster so I can hang it up at my new desk.

After my going away party we head to Philips Coney Island for one last lunch together. I am a classy lady as usual.

Katie, Becca, and I take our obligatory photos in front of COSI.

Becca and Katie leave. I can barely look at them because I know I will start crying if I do.

Back upstairs I go through my e-mail and attempt to save any gems from forever deletion.

I fold up my poster that everyone signed from this morning then head down to the safety office to turn in my keys. As I take my color coded key rings off I am met with a sticky green sludge that quite similarly resembles slime from It’s Simply Chemistry. It gets lodged all under my nails and on my fingers and I have to throw the color coders away. I apologize to the man who takes my keys from me.

I make one more round of the office to say goodbye. I send out a goodbye email that is extremely hard to write and keep getting up for water but really it’s so I can compose myself. I turn off my computer for the last time, gather my things and leave. I walk through the hallways, the hallways I have walked for the last five or so years and I find myself barely able to breathe as I get into my car.

Am I making the right call here? I know I am. It’s time for new memories, new adventures. Lucky for me I will always have reminders of my times here, namely, the bruises and scars I’ve accumulated. Even now as I type this from my couch at home, my eyes are drawn to the latest injury I sustained from COSI On Wheels. It is small and benign, it will go away quicker than I’ll realize, for now though it is a new little memory of my last week here. It’s a lamination splinter; tiny, black and hard from dried blood. It’s painful as all get out but this stupid injury seems quite apropos to my current feelings. How can something so seemingly small hurt so much?

I don’t have that answer. But for now it will be a tiny memory I can hang onto until I feel better. And yes, for some weird reason I do feel better knowing I still have a tiny part of COSI with me.

I still have this:


COSI’s “Science Spot” at New Albany, Ohio’s YWCA

July 23, 2012
COSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCACOSI Science Spot at New Albany, Ohio, YMCA

COSI’s “Science Spot” at New Albany, Ohio’s YMCA, a set on Flickr.

Post by Kyle Jepson

COSI’s “Science Spot” traveling science exhibition recently visited the YWCA in New Albany, Ohio. These young campers became very creative with our “Construction Plans” Science Spot!


I See Myself in Ewe

February 28, 2012

Post by Kyle Jepson

Jordan and I got to play with some cow eyes this afternoon in COSI’s Lily Pad. And yes, we know, ewes aren’t cows, but we just had to go with it!


“Workers Compensation”

May 26, 2011

Post by Kyle Jepson

We all get bumps and bruises. A paper cut at the office, a nick from a kitchen knife. With this job you tend to get more injuries than the average person. Last week I fell off the truck ramp. I won’t go into too much detail, suffice to say it was my fault and I am an idiot. I knew even then that this mark would be different than any other I’ve received thus far in this job.


Over the weekend I’ve been watching it change colors and many of my friends/co-workers have started telling me what shapes or animals they are seeing.

So far I have gotten:

  • Pinwheel
  • Lion
  • Black hole
  • Turkey vulture head
  • Galaxy
  • Four-leaf clover

What do you see?


The Force is Strong With This One

March 14, 2011

Post by Kyle Jepson

Oh, Tech and Science fest. You sneaky sneak you. I arrive and expect the worst, to sit around for eight hours with Jonathan handing out silly bands in a community college. You went above and beyond with your National Weather Service nerds and your stamp enthusiasts. I thought it couldn’t get any better than people in top hats and crazy lab coats. Then you drop this in my lap.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

COSI Science Spot

COSI's Science Spot attracts some unique visitors.


Separated at Birth?

November 9, 2010

Post by Kyle Jepson

As Outreach Educators, each year (pending serious staffing changes) we each learn and perform two shows, one in the fall followed by one in the winter. This fall, Jonathan Barnes and I have the pleasure of working together on COSI’s It’s Simply Chemistry program.

For those of you unfamiliar with the program, our resident villain Dr. Arthur Slimerheimer steals the ingredients we use to create COSI Super Slime. Throughout the assembly we follow clues around the room hoping to find the slime and catch the reprehensible villain. This program teaches students to think critically by following the clues left by the nefarious Doctor and solving a mystery.

Which leads me into this next story; after the mystery is solved and the students are excused back to class many students like to come up front to hug me, give feedback, tell me what kind of turtle they have. Twice in the last month, I’ve received a comment I’ve never heard before. The first time from a lanky fourth grader, the second from a modest first grader; “Did you know you look like Velma from Scooby Doo?” Why no, I did not…

Although I don’t see it, I’m flattered. If you think about it Velma was the only chick on that show that got anything done. Plus she is a proud geek, just like me. While on the road, I am an avid texter, we love to send one another our funny anecdotes throughout the day, cute pictures, quotes from volunteers. I send the team this story and later that day when I return to my hotel and check Facebook, my lovely show partner Jonathan has posted this on my wall:

Okay so maybe we both have short brown hair, we both wear glasses, and love to solve mysteries….I still don’t see it.


COSI On Wheels Invades Conger Elementary School

November 4, 2010

Post by Kevin Seymour
Director of COSI On Wheels Outreach Programs

November 3, 2010:  Outreach Educator Chris Husmann brought his 14’ box truck containing The Incredible Human Machine, a program from COSI On Wheels to Conger Elementary School in Delaware Ohio.   As he proceeded to do his set-up at the school everything seemed to be going fine.  Until…his DVM (digital video machine) decided not to work. 

Digital Video Machine (DVM)

Digital Video Machine (DVM)

Not only did it not work….IT DID NOTHING.  That’s when, instead of panicking or freaking out, he decided to take it upon himself to fix the problem on his own.

Chris took out his laptop and proceeded to create a power point slide show that looked, oddly, exactly like what was supposed to be on the DVM in the first place.  Complete with the visual effects that made it look like nothing was up. 

Fast forward 14 hours…

November 4, 2010:  Chris arrived at Conger ES just slightly earlier than I so that he could make sure everything was working properly.  As a treat, I brought him a delicious cup of Starbucks and a small treat bag with Halloween candy in it.  He proceeded to conduct his orientation with his 11 volunteers leading up to his full school assembly program.  Just before his assembly, a surprise guest appeared…..his grandmother….TOO CUTE!  Not only is his boss in the audience, his grandmother was there too! 

Chris Husmann

Chris Husmann

With fingers crossed, Chris began his assembly, with the newly created power point program. And as he continued through the program, switching between two different computers, it all went off without a hitch.  His student and teacher volunteers were fabulous and the students had a blast learning about the human body. 

This is a great example of how our educators go WAY above and beyond what they are required to do at a school to make the program the best it can be.  He took the time to create the power point program, re-connect the sound system to his computer just to make the program look as though nothing went wrong.  THANKS Chris for your hard work and dedication to COSI while out on the road!