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Future Farmers of America Lend a Helping Hand

January 25, 2013

Future Farmers of America Lend a Helping Hand

Photo by Caitlin Yahr. I have the Future Farmers of America from East Clinton High School helping today with COSI On Wheels’ “Investigating Energy” show!


Science: Freshly-Brewed Every Morning

February 28, 2012

Post by Chris Husmann

Science, freshly brewed every morning. Taken at Valerie Pre-K – 8th Grade School in Dayton, Ohio.


Um, is there a problem, officer?

April 14, 2011

Post by Chris Husmann

I was on my way to South Side Learning and Development on Reeb Avenue to teach preschoolers about the seasons when I realized I wasn’t sure exactly where it was. I saw a large elementary school, Reeb Elementary, and thought perhaps the preschool might be inside. I parked the COSI van, got out and started walking around when I realized this building was closed and the preschool I was looking for must be somewhere else. I take out my cell phone to call the school when police car after police car start pulling into the parking lot and parking next to and around the COSI van! I’m already on the phone with the school and before I could finish our brief conversation there were eight police cars, a SWAT van, two black surveillance vans, two black Chevy Suburbans, and a few civilian cars all parked near the van.

A familiar feeling crept up on me; the feeling you get when a police car is driving behind you on the freeway and you start second guessing whether you’ve done anything wrong or not. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind like “what kind of crime would require this many officers?”, “could this old building be a giant meth lab?” and “I didn’t park in a handicap zone, did I?” I decided of course I had done nothing wrong but I still needed to move my van so I walked up to an officer whose car was behind me and asked him if he could move it. He told me they were getting ready to start a training exercise in the building and didn’t realize he was parked too close for me to back out of the parking spot. After this I managed to drive all the way across the street where the preschool actually was and unload successfully.

I suppose if I had thought about it from another perspective it would have all made sense: When someone parks a strange van near an abandoned building and starts wandering around knocking on doors while on the phone you should really just assume that the police are already on their way.